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What I'm reading - June 2022

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Zettelkasten from "How to take Smart Notes"

PARA vs Zettelkasten: The false binary

How To Get The Most Out of A Book - Analytical Reading 101

How to read a paper

This is an interesting research paper on how to read research papers

Where Are All the Intermediate Rails Resources?

You should learn to love the stuckness, because it means you’re about to learn something new. Being stuck is awesome, and the more you can enjoy it, and even seek it out, the faster you’ll become an expert.”

You've Got the Rails Basics. So Why Do You Feel So Slow?

Unlike real debt, technical debt is unavoidable

The author tells the story of a man sawing a tree and compares it to technical work. If he had spent some time sharpening his saw, he could’ve cut the tree faster. But instead he doesn’t stop to sharpen his tools thinking that he’d waste time not spending it to cut the tree.

Why we should read fewer books

The author talks about how reading a select number of books over repeatedly can bring pleasure and the feeling of nostalgia. For me this book is Richard Feynman’s memoirs, “Surely you’re joking Mr. Feynman”. It was one of the first books that I had ordered from Amazon while I was still in school. I had taken it with me when I moved to a hostel during my 11th and 12th grades. I still have the book with me, although its in a tattered condition with some of the pages held together with tape. But I can always pick it up and feel at home easily.

The Pleasure of Being Confused

Why you should consider following Shopify’s Ruby investment lead

Optimizing For Feelings - On seeking meaning beyond metrics

“If software is to have soul, it must feel more like the world around it”

Why Software Engineers like Woodworking

What's it like as a Senior Engineer at Google?

Why I Killed My Startup

“If you're thinking to yourself "this sounds awful, why would anyone do this to themselves?", there is a reason. You fall in love with the extremes. The highs of startup life are extremely tough to beat. In a startup you are always moving from one problem to the next, and these problems are constantly punching you in the mouth. But you're also throwing a few punches yourself, and when you finally get a punch to connect and you get a win, there's really no beating that feeling. It's pure triumph, through your own strength and will you were able to make a tangible impact on the world. You can see a straight correlation between your effort and your achievement. It's all right there in front of you, and it is uniquely satisfying.”

Shortsightedness Has Become an Epidemic

Ask HN: What's the coolest website you know?

How does a mechanical watch work?

Generating true random numbers from bananas

The Strange and Secret Ways That Animals Perceive the World

All my best programming tips

What is a Rails model?

Really interesting read where the author takes you through different perspectives of what a Rails model is

I Built a Ruby Parser